Gourmet Snapshot About


I am Peter T.,  a Food Stylist  and Culinary Photographer

          I have almost two decades since I work in gastronomy.  By the time, I worked as a Private Chef, Head Chef, Kitchen Manager, from the hotels with 5 stars to the Michelin Restaurants, or from restaurants with Fine Dining Menu to Private Clubs or Cafés.

          I had this personal desire: to travel in as many kitchens to be able to see as many cooking methods but and the presentation of the culinary preparations.

          Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to taste the menus or exceptional desserts – tasty and cooked correctly, but because of a lack of professional promotion, them have not captured the interest of the clients. Have scattered  money, time and market shares.

          In time, I understood the two key elements of a successful menu : The color and the appetite. So, I’ve started to detach myself of the cooking technique and to devote myself to the studies of some adjacent areas of the gastronomy: the aesthetics of the culinary arts and culinary photography.

          Has followed the tens of hours of shooting, procurement of professional equipment, studies and technical applications, all this with the aim to create the best culinary photo for promoting  a dessert, dish or drinks.

      The Professional experience and the studies of marketing have demonstrated that before he tasted him, the client looks at a menu and for the customer the first 7 seconds are decisive  for to elect or reject a dessert, a drink or a sort of food.  Also, the photography is the sole means of communication, between perception and desire .


=”text-align: justify;”>For this reason I decided to create Gourmet Snapshot – a studio of Culinary Photography and Food Styling.

The advantage of our customers is that the whole team from Gourmet Snapshot has previously worked in gastronomy or hospitality. This thing is decisive in the culinary photography.

Having a practical experience in gastronomy or hospitality, the photographer, he will always know how to emphasize the advantages of a menu, drink or dessert. Also, he will know how to create the necessary decor for completing the messages of the objects from a photo.

Having a camera, does not mean that you can shoot professional in a certain domain.