The food in the photo has gone from being a status symbol to an object of immediate desire — from something you want to show off to something you want to eat this moment. Exactly when this happened isn’t clear, but most people in the field agree that it began in the early ’90s and that Martha Stewart was a driving force behind it.

 Food styling is the art of arranging food so that it looks tasty and fresh. This is important in a number of situations, particularly when the food is being photographed. For instance, the pictures of  food that you see in cookbooks, magazines, advertisements, and menus have been styled.

In the professional world the food photographer will most likely work with a food stylist, who purchases ingredients and prepares the recipes and a prop stylist, who sources all backgrounds, dishes and props.

FoodStyling and Photography

What does a Food Stylist do for the culinary photography?

Ever wonder why the food looks so much better in cookbooks and magazines than in your kitchen? A food stylist will have the answers. They are the secret behind good looking food.

The main purpose of food stylists is to ensure that the food, in the finished photograph, looks stunningly attractive and very easy on the eye. The technique of making meals look their very best however is not easy. It takes a creative mind and alluring artful designs to make the food appear photogenic in a film, video or magazine. The food stylist is a culinary expert who can artfully and carefully enhance, for example, pancake syrup just to make it look really tasty and make drinks visually appealing.

Talented food stylists are artists that transform food ingredients into sculpture. They know how to make a salad look full and fresh and how to get the perfect ice cream scoop. Also, they know how to make a photo to look delicious and make your mouth water. Those pursuing a food styling career typically start out as chefs. They work in kitchens of all types of different fine dining establishments, from hotel kitchens to classy restaurants.

Food styling in photography isn’t just about taking a delicious image; it’s a way to tell a story about tastes, seasons, and aesthetics.

Everything should look perfect in a great food photography. Stylists are known for detail what makes the food photos you see in advertisements so irresistible.